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  • A608



    Perfect handling performance and good cornering performance. 

    Asymmetric pattern shape, optimized variable pitch pattern design, provide quiet ride environment.

    Nice driving pleasure comes from strong tread and soft sidewall.  

    Silica tread compound for low rolling resistance and good wet grip.

  • A607(PCR)



    Four wide circumferential tread grooves and lateral grooves with fine sipes provide efficient water evacuation, outstanding wet performance.

    Continuous block patterns on shoulder enhance the ride stability at high speed cornering. The rim protector will protect wheels from curb damage

    Continuous outside tread blocks enhance excellent performance and precise control when cornering at high speed. The special rib segment design optimizes contact pressure distribution, improves road contact area and provides precise control. The serrated groove walls absorb noise and deliver a quieter ride.

    Special tread compound delivers excellent grip on both dry and wet roads and reduce the rolling resistance to save oil and protect environment.

  • A606



    Four wide circumferential tread grooves deliver the ride stability and offer excellent performance on wet conditions. Improved grooves and bead profile design offer better ride stability, endurance and handling performance.  

    Continuous tread blocks on both shoulder give great support to enhance the stability when cornering, the closed shoulders deliver excellent quiet ride.  

    Continuous solid center rib sand lateral tread blocks connected by rib- in-chain enhance steering stability, decrease block deformation and reduce energy loss.  

    Special tread compound delivers excellent grip on both dry and wet roads and offer longer mileage.

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