Salute to original intention with the spirit of originality

Company's core value

Company's core value

People first, passion for excellence. harmonious coexistence


Company's mission

Company's mission

Commit to providing tyre products and services with higher quality for global users


Company' vision

Company' vision

Create high-quality public services and becomea company that is trusted by customers, respected by society, and has maximum value and greatest international influence


Company's spirit

Company's spirit

Honesty, harmony, efficiency, and innovation


Company's principles

Company's principles

Promote harmonious development of tIre and the environment; promote harmonious development of the company and the international  community. achieve mutual improvement of individuals and the society


Enterprise history

Seek innovation

The key for Haohua's continuous innovation and breakthrough development from development strategy to services and form lies in the transtormational and bold decision-making. Company must make innovations endlessly and continuously

Customer first

Haohua's corporate culture mainly regards the improvement of service quality and customer first as its long-term strategy and it fully recognizes that the key to implement this strategy is to have attractive brands for customers. After research with great concentration, Haohua succeed. in the customer's eyes, the word "Haohua" represents a sincere service standard.

People first

Since its initial establishment, Haohua has established the strategy of people first".lts human resources policy mainly focuses on cultivation and utilization of talents, The company continually creates a family-friendly corporate atmosphere of "keeping people with busines5, keeping people with benefits, and keeping people with love" to allow employees and the company to grow at the same time so that employees can have a sense of accomplishment and belonging in Haohua.


To customers:

customer first,

service first


To employees: people first and aggressiveness, respect talents, focus on employee growth, human-based management


To production: simplification as a mean, pursuit of low cost


To products: ultimate goal of zero defects, pursuit of high quality


Take root in local social activities, contribute to local economic and social development


Based on conducting business relations, mutually commit to research and creation, and achieve long-term stable development, coexistence and common prosperity