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The difference between common bias tire and radial tire

We are in the process of buying a car, usually only the car some more practical configuration are more concerned about, but owners will take into account, to buy their own cars, use is common bias tire and radial tire?

We are in the process of buying a car, usually only the car some more practical configuration are more concerned about, but owners will take into account, to buy their own cars, use is common bias tire and radial tire? Guangzhou Honda fit the only tire specifications and Dongfeng Nissan Livina is the same? If you do not take this into account in the process of buying a car, today, you will have to re start the content of their own car to consider the scope of the list.
Mainly by the tire tread, ply, buffer layer and bead composition. Tyre according to the structure (i.e. cord in the carcass orientation) (as shown below) can be divided into the following two: common bias tire, radial tire.
1, common bias tire
Ordinary bias tire tube common bias tire structure, bias tire main tread, ply, buffer layer and the tire ring. Ordinary tire cord fabric layer and buffer layer adjacent cord cross, and less than 90 degree angles of the tread center line was.
1): tread tread is the outer layer casing, comprising a crown, shoulder and sidewall part three.
Crown: crown made of wear-resistant rubber, it is directly under the friction and load, can reduce the impact of ply. And the protection of ply and inner tube, lest its mechanical damage. There are various concave and convex patterns on the tread to ensure the adhesion performance of the tire and the ground. Tread tread pattern on the performance of the car has a very important impact, so in the choice of tires must be enough to pay attention to the pattern of tires.
Fetal shoulder: the shoulder is the transitional part between the thicker and thinner tread. Which in addition to protect the ply effect, surface is also provided with a variety of patterns, in order to slip and heat.
Fetal side: the side of the tire is attached to the ply sidewalls of the thinner of a layer of rubber layer. It can bear larger distortion, its role is to protect cord fabric layer from mechanical damage and water erosion.
2) ply ply tyre is the skeleton, also known as matrix.
Its main function is to bear the load, keep the shape and size of the tire, the tire has a certain strength. Ply is usually composed of multilayer hanging plastic cord with rubber adhesive. In order to make uniform load distribution, ply is even more. Ply more, its strength is high, but its elasticity decreased accordingly. General ply tyres are marked on the surface.
Fabric materials are generally cotton, rayon, nylon and steel etc.. Now the use of polyamide fiber and steel wire cord, in tire of carrying capacity of the same ply can reduce, thus reducing the rubber consumption, improve the quality of the tire, and reduce the rolling resistance, prolong the service life of the tire.
3) buffer layer buffer layer in the tread and carcass ply layer between, generally two or several layers with sparse cord and a more resilient rubber made, so the elastic larger ease the car on uneven road when the exercise by the impact, and prevent car in an emergency braking tread and carcass ply layer detachment.
4) bead bead by bead wire, cord wrapping layer and fetal circle bag cloth, wherein, the has a lot of stiffness and strength, the tire firmly mounted on the rim.
2, radial tire
90o angle or approaching 90o angle are arranged in a radial tire cord layer and the tire side of the center line, and cord ply tire radial cross section, is like the earth's meridian, so called for radial tire. The structure of radial tire is shown in figure SS040011. Because of the ply arrangement, the radial tire ply than ordinary tire can be reduced by about 40%-50%. The circumferential direction of the tire rubber alone to contact, so in order to bear running larger cut to force, rigidity to improve the tire, radial tire also has several layers of cord and the radial cross section appeared large angle (angle of 70-75), high strength, not easy to stretch of the week to the circular buffer like belt belt layer. Belt beam layer generally use high strength, tensile deformation is small fabric cord (such as glass fiber, polyamide fiber) or steel cord manufacturing.
Compared with the common bias tire, the radial tire has the following advantages:
Rolling resistance and fuel saving: because of the belt, the tire after crown cut to deformation and relative slip than the common tire to many small and thin radial tyre side, radial deformation of fast recovery. These two characteristics are conducive to reduce the tire wear, reduce the rolling resistance. The test proved that radial tire rolling resistance than ordinary tire 20%~30%, can save fuel 5%~10%.
The tread has good wear resistance and long service life: when the wheel is rolling, the tyre is deformed, and the deformation of the surface of the tire is not only deformed, but also is promoted by the deformation. Due to the crown area of radial tire stiffness, deformation small, almost no slip, the crown of tyre contact area is large, unit pressure small and uniform, so tread reduce friction and wear. The test proved that the service life of radial tire 30%~40% higher than tire.
Flexibility, buffer: due to the radial tire cord radial arrangement, so the rotation of the wheel, tire vertical to the ground deformation than the bias tire high, carcass, soft, good elasticity, so as to improve vehicle ride comfort.
Anti sting ability: radial tire for hard belt, it greatly enhance the crown anti puncture capability, reduce the tire burst

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